The Oxford Dictionary of English defines morality as ‘principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behaviour’.


Morality is a product of the gene-centred evolutionary forces which shape human social psychology. We have evolved as if our sole goal was to propagate our genes, and morality has evolved only insofar as it helps us achieve that goal.

Immoral acts include stealing, rape and murder. A society that values private property would avoid unnecessary conflict, so would also be genetically fitter. A tribe that failed to police and punish men for engaging in forced sex with women would effectively be allowing lower status men to breed as successfully as higher status men, so would be genetically inferior, and lose out to a tribe that engaged in policing such behaviour. A tribe that did not have a significant in-group bias, so were as likely to kill their own kin as an enemy, would die out.

We also disaprove of women behaving like sluts, and incest. A tribe in which women readily made themselves available to any man would lose out to one in which women were more discriminating. A society that didn't frown upon incest would be genetically weaker than one that did.

But what about racism? In-group biases are innate, every human being has evolved to behave altruistically towards other individuals according to their genetic-relatedness. However, we have also evolved to cooperate. It is merely the separatist elite in the politically correct West who dictate that ethnocentrism is immoral. The elite gain through enforced cooperation of the population in a multicultural society.



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